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Priscila is a recent graduate of Eden Valley Institute in Loveland, Colorado where she attained her Lifestyle Coaching certificate in April 2017. Priscila’s coursework at Eden Valley focused on natural remedies, organic farming, hydrotherapy, massage, and vegan/plant-based meal preparation.

Upon her return home from Eden Valley, Priscila has had held a few workshops at faith-based organizations and then traveled to Europe to apprentice as a sustainable farmer. She spent her summer learning organic, permaculture farming at Le Mas Perdu in southern France and Wasserburg Turow in northern Germany, followed by a practicum as a lifestyle coach working 1-on-1 with clients in Paris, France before returning back to Massachusetts in September 2017.

Priscila Espinosa is a native of Massachusetts. As a product of a multicultural upbringing, she’s a polyglot (Spanish, Italian, and French) who loves to travel, is knowlegeable about exotic fruits, vegetables, and spices.

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Private Lifestyle Coach and Group Health + Wellness Speaker

As a private Lifestyle Coach I create tailored solutions in health, wellness, diet, and lifestyle to naturally reverse illnesses, extend your life expectancy, and improve quality of life using the 8 Laws of Health. Customized protocols are created specific to each client’s health needs, include (1) “food as medicine,” (2) natural remedies eg hydrotherapy, poultices/compresses, (3) healing herbs, and (4) lifestyle.

As a group Health + Wellness Speaker I present “Food as Medicine + Natural Remedies” seminars/conferences where I provide educational workshops to groups to empower individuals in their respective healing journeys. I teach plant-based/vegan cooking lessons, DIY natural remedies (eg hydrotherapy, poultices/compresses), and basic knowledge on using common herbs.

Contact me at Priscila.Espinosa@MySproutChange.com